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Why choose a treeless Freemax Western saddle?

• The Freemax Western saddle resembles a traditional western saddle, only with the advantages of a treeless saddle
• The Freemax Western saddle has a narrower seat than most treeless Western saddles.
• We regularly hear that riders with physical problems are comfortable on a Freemax Western saddle
• Close contact feeling
• The Freemax Western saddle adjusts to the back of the horse
• The Freemax Western saddle does not prevent the horse from moving
• The weight of the rider is distributed over a large surface, this has been tested by digital pressure measurements
• The saddle is lighter than a traditional western saddle
• There is a 2 year warranty on the saddles

Delivery time
The delivery time of a Freemax saddle depends on the stock. If a saddle is in stock, you will receive it within 1 to 2 weeks.
If a saddle is not immediately available, you will always receive information about the (estimated) delivery time. Take into account a delivery time of 3 to 16 weeks.


Cow & Buffalo
In the table below you will find the differences between the cow and buffalo saddles

  Buffel Cow
Tooling Border Flower
Seat Smooth Nubuck
Saddle weight 9 kg 12 kg
Saddle advice for rider up to and including 80 kg 80 kg +
Use Light use 3-5 times a week Intensive use, longer rides
Price € 950,- From € 1450,-

Short & Round
A Short saddle is, as the name suggests, rather short. The short saddle measures 61 cm, regardless of the seat size.
The Round saddles are 65 cm, regardless of the seat size.

The saddles are available in the following sizes:

Leather Length Seat sizes Fork sizes
Buffel Short 61 cm 15,16,17 Inch 3 t/m 7
Buffel Round 65 cm 15,16,17 Inch 3 t/m 7
Cow Short 61 cm 15,16,17 Inch 3 t/m 7
Cow  Round 65 cm 15,16,17 Inch 3 t/m 7

Saddle pads
A Freemax saddle cannot be used without a good saddle pad. It is important that you choose a pad in which the spine remains free. There are various pads available, both with and without interchangeable inserts. The advantage of working with inlays is the possibility to add extra inlays at certain places in the pad in order to optimize the position of the saddle, if desired. Not every saddle-horse combination needs this. In these cases you can also opt for a pad of which the inserts are not interchangeable, but in which there are inserts and the spine remains free. We are happy to help and advise you on this.

Service & Warranty
Freemax supplies "L-T-S" on every saddle. L-T-S stands for Long Time Service. All saddles purchased from August 2015 or production date 2015 have,
can be registered on this website:

Saddles receive the following service from the date of purchase for the following 5 years:

• Availability of the forks
• Assistance in changing the fork
• The customer can always ask for advice (for a home service, consultation and travel costs are charged)
• L-T-S is connected to the saddle. When the saddle is sold within 5 years, it goes
the L-T-S along with the saddle, for the new owner. If the saddle is stolen, the data can be requested from us for insurance
• L-T-S means service, no guarantee
• There is a 2 year warranty on the saddles

Difference between old and new models
We regularly receive questions from customers about the old models of Freemax.
The old models are no longer available and the forks are hardly available (second hand). The fender mount is made of leather with the old models. In the past it sometimes happened that it tore out while driving. The new model has a fixed fender attachment. A new saddle can be recognized by a code with the year processed in it, which is on the left under the skirt. The new type of forks have 4 reinforced screws.
Reinforced fender attachment with the new models The new type of forks give more shoulder freedom A slight spine freedom is built into the saddle.

A German Freemax dealer has made a nice video about changing the fork:




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