Kifra-pad Square Forrest
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Kifra-pad Square Forrest

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The Kifra pads are Kifrahorse's own brand of saddle pads, specially designed for treeless saddles, from more than 10 years of experience.

Why special for treeless saddles?

Most treeless saddles have no panels. The panels under a saddle ensure, among other things, spine freedom. Because most treeless saddles do not have these panels, you need a saddlepad that replaces the panels, and ensures that the saddle is lifted enough to keep the spine free. Also with treeless saddles with panels it is often advisable to use a special saddlepad for good pressure distribution.
How many and which inserts you need depends entirely on the type of saddle, the rider weight and last but not least, the back of your horse. Your saddle fitter can advise you on this. As standard, 12 mm neoprene inserts are supplied with the Kifra pads. Experience shows that this is often good enough for many horses. If you prefer an extra thick pad, or if someparts of your (treeless) saddle needs to be adjusted (temporarily), you can also opt for the 8-compartment variant (8 pocket pad).
The Kifra pads can of course also be used under tree saddles. In that case it is often not necessary to use the 12 mm neoprene layers.

We regularly see Kifra pads in the endurance sport!

Properties Kifra pad Square with 2 large compartments

- 2 compartments for inserts, which close with sturdy Velcro
- Including 12 mm neoprene inserts
- Back length 65 cm, side length 57 cm
- Anatomically shaped
- Spine freedom in combination with the neoprene inlays
- Good pressure distribution
- Suitable for almost all (treeless) saddles
- Loops with Velcro for a good attachment
- 100% Sheepskin, machine washable

The underside of the saddle shaped pad is provided with super soft sheepskin under the inlays.
Sheepskin has good breathability and is gentle on the skin of the horse.
Neoprene inserts are supplied with the pad. 3Mesh inserts can be supplied with the pad for an additional charge.

You can compare the maintenance of sheepskin a little bit with the maintenance of leather. To enjoy your pad for as long as possible, Kifrahorse recommends the following maintenance:
Always remove wet pads from under the saddle and hang them to dry. Gently brush the (dry!) pad after every ride. This keeps the wool nice and fluffy. Let pads that are wet dry thoroughly first, wet sheepskin is fragile and can therefore tear.

Kifra pads can be washed in the washing machine. Our advice is to do this a maximum of twice a year. Always wash your pad with special LAMB WOOL detergent (For example Lanasil). This special detergent has a greasing effect. When using another detergent, the sheepskin can dry out. If your horse sweats extremely much, you can wash the pad more often. Sweat contains salts which is vulnerable to sheepskin.
Remove the inserts before washing. Wash the pad at a maximum of 30 degrees and allow it to spin for a maximum of 30 seconds at a maximum of 500 rpm (centrifugation puts pressure on the wet sheepskin). Even better is not to let the pad spin at all. The pad is not allowed in the dryer. Hang the pad (not in full sun) over a clothesline and be patient for a day or 2.

The insert pockets will open at the bottom. You may need to trim the inserts a little bit before they fit properly in the pad. By "scraping" you can get the inlays more rounded.

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